Healthy Shopping

Here you will find a small selection of Andrea’s many products. You may order them by sending an email to You will receive a Paypal invoice so you may charge your purchases to your credit card.

Botanical Facial Products

Face Rejuvenation Gel
Cosmetic quality aloe whipped with glycerin.
Hydrates/moisturizes face, eye area, neck.
Skin healer.
2 oz. $30

Facial Scrub
Deep cleans and exfoliates. Gentle
enough for every day use.
6 oz. $10

Essential Oils

Tick repellant; sinus/chest congestion
2 oz $25

Mosquito Protection
Oil of Pennyroyal/topical application repels
Roll-on applicator $25

Peppermint Oil
Headache/Sinus; digestive; energizing bath
.5oz $8

Health Supplies

The Healing Kitchen DVD: Remedies from Nature’s Pharmacy.  My acclaimed workshop brought to you!  $25


“Gentle Healing for Baby and Child”
by Andrea Candee, MH, MSC
The award winning “Natural Dr. Spock”
for adults and children! Get a signed copy here!

Homeopathic Cold/Flu Prevention & Treatment
1 tablet every 2 weeks through winter season.

Co Enzyme Q10 100mg Sub-lingual
60 tablets $52

Mega-Probiotic – Non Dairy
Supports digestive tract health. Contains immune support FOS
120 capsules $27

Vitamin E 400IU Mixed Tocopherols
100 Softgels $15

Natural Flex
Supports joints and cartilage
120 capsules $36

CX-2 Solution
For joint comfort, flexibility
$180 capsules $55

Dried Teas/Powdered Herbs

Cayenne (powdered)
Stops bleeding in 10 seconds!
Add to your first aid kit.

Ginger (powdered)
Anti-nausea; anti-inflammatory;
Great for detox bath

Cold & Flu Tea
Echinacea, eucalyptus, sage, thyme, ginger

Relaxing blend of chamomile, lemon balm,

Alkalizing Greens
Mix a scoop into your water for highly nutritious, alkalizing drink

Living Fuel
High quality berry shake, includes all vitamin needs. Pea protein. No whey or soy. Gluten-free.

Liquid Extracts

Black Walnut
Anti-fungal; candida; dries up cold
sores with topical use
4oz. $23

Immune system support, cold & flu
prevention treatment
4oz. $23

Circulation; asthma/bronchials;
hemmorhoids, first aid
4oz. $23

Dandelion Root
Liver cleanser.
4oz. $40

Cleanser for lymph system.
2oz. $25

Dr C’s Super Immune Formula
Anti-everything. Great for winter support.
Also diarrhea and parasites.
4oz. $20

Great anti-microbial
2oz. $25

Email for more liquid extract support for Adrenals, Circulation, Female Hormonal Balance, Lungs, and more.

Gift certificates

Aromatherapy facial including Gentle Herbal Skin Peel…..$85

Booklet: How Do I Get My Family Through the Winter ~ Should I Take the Flu Vaccine ~ Herbs, Recipes and Guidance for Winter Wellness
28 pages… $8

Booklet: The Cell Phone Dilemma…options for protection in an unseen world
45 pages…$8 also available in pdf format $5

Booklet: Sparkling Home ~ Healthy Planet ~ Clean Green
45 pages…$8 also available in pdf format $5

Booklets also available in pdf format for $5 each.

Ray Away – cell phone protector…$24. Two or more = $22 each