Face Rejuvenation

You look into the mirror and see deep furrows between your brows…tight, tired eyes, taut lips, a sagging chin. Our faces tell it all. They are the outward manifestation of inner disquiet. When my face feels tense and tired, I put myself in the hands of a healing practitioner trained in Face Rejuvenation. A unique therapy focused on enhancing energy flow throughout the body, Face Rejuvenation integrates nerve and muscle energy through the stimulation of select contact points.

Enlivening the field

We are surrounded by a measurable, electro-magnetic field of energy, palpable to the trained mind. One is acutely aware of it when in a room with someone with bad vibes. You may become anxious in the presence of their negative energy, your hair may stand on end. When in the company of a pleasant, easy going companion, the energy fields interact harmoniously; we feel soothed and comforted.

Kirlian photography, capable of measuring energy output, has been used to demonstrate how disturbance in the electro-magnetic field is a possible prognosticator of physical illness. Inner stress, be it physical or emotional, is detected by the hands of a trained practitioner as a congestion, or disturbance in the energy field.

Face Rejuvenation focuses on acupressure stimulation of twelve major nerve points, located in the areas of the scalp, face, neck and shoulders, to clear congested neural pathways and increase energy flow, soothe and deeply relax the entire body and mind. Myoglobulin tissue is uncoiled allowing nerve synapse transmission to occur. One feels as though the entire body has been worked on and, energetically, it has been.

The parts reflect the whole

Many parts of the body reflect its entirety. For example, the feet allow us to draw and drain energy from and to the earth, emotionally representing the foundation upon which we move. The hands allow us to manifest positive manipulation of matter. Hand and foot reflexology is a familiar therapy focused on clearing energetic pathways to vital organs.

The face is the emotional expression of who we are and where we have been. Quite literally, we create the faces we wear. Spiritually, by maintaining an attitude of lightness, you are not as responsive to life’s trenchant tugs. Do you see the glass half empty or half full? Does the rose have a beautiful aroma or is it a stem full of thorns?

Putting the world on hold

Each Face Rejuvenation treatment begins with a guided imagery designed to melt away tension, helping one to quickly reach a place of deep relaxation. A gentle steaming and cleansing of the face with herbal preparations, physically and emotionally removes the day’s debris. Soft colors and soothing music create a healing, quieting environment. A gentle, herbal skin peel is applied. It contains papaya enzymes to absorb dead skin cells; thyme to remove impurities, comfrey to enhance cellular renewal, chamomile as an anti-inflammatory. A gentle buffing with a sea sponge removes accumulated debris. Applications of herbal oils moisturize and nourish the skin at the cellular level.

The herbal masque exfoliates, oxygenates, moisturizes and uplifts. Healing visualizations further deepen this time of renewal. The masque is gently steamed and removed with an herbal infusion; rose water is used as a mild astringent and toner. The final application of moisturizer leaves the face glowing and revitalized.

An uplifting beauty treatment par excellence

In addition to the cleansing, nourishing and revitalizing benefits of the treatment, Face Rejuvenation assists uplift of facial features. Nerves can limit muscle function if their pathways of communication are impeded. When energy flow to muscle function is blocked, the muscle can weaken, producing poor tone and sagging skin. Stimulation of acupressure points enhances circulation. Nerve and muscle energy are reconnected, reminded of their perfect electromagnetic placement. As a result, there is better support of musculature, a firmer hold against the ravages of gravity. Facial muscles relax into a more stress free and thereby youthful pattern.

Clients can’t help but comment on the renewed tone and firmness of their skin. Some see marked improvement around the eyes, between the brows. Others look into the mirror and see a softer expression around the mouth.

…but more than just a beauty treatment

The field of psychoneuroimmunology (PNI) recognizes that stress and depression are immuno-depressants. PNI has confirmed that emotional stress often manifests as a biochemical drain and sometimes a pre-cursor to illness in the physical body. What you think, what you believe, how you react to experiences can impair or aid the workings of the body’s immune system, states Norman Cousins, well known author and medical professor.

Using the subtle energy therapy of Face Rejuvenation, a balanced emotional and physical state can be achieved, assuming a disease state does not already exist which must be addressed.

Many of my clients are involved in co-dependency support programs. Often, the only time they feel trusting and relaxed enough to listen to the wisdom within is during the facial treatment. They schedule at intervals relating to their levels of stress. For some, weekly treatments are a temporary necessity, for others bi-weekly or monthly sessions are appropriate. When the treatments are done in a continuing series, the energy work deepens. As one is able to truly let go and stop questioning the process, real healing begins. Often, by the fourth or fifth session, clients find that stressful people, work or environments are less so. We know the influences haven’t changed; it is their response to the situations that has mellowed, become less reactive. As one client put it, I am suddenly experiencing a joie de vivre!

Other comments from clients further affirm the body/mind connection:

“Most important is the stress and anxiety relieving effect on the mind and body.”
“Face Rejuvenation is a whole body rejuvenation.”
“Others notice the effects in me.”
“Overall health has improved since beginning the treatment.”

Face Rejuvenation is more than just a beauty treatment. It is a healing therapy, integrating the body, mind and spirit.

Incorporating the herbalist’s approach to sinus relief

My training as an herbalist benefits those clients suffering from sinus difficulties. Using a multi-faceted approach that includes lymphatic drainage via pressure points, and aromatherapy, sinus relief can be attained during the Face Rejuvenation treatment. Clients are shown how to use plant extracts at home, such as geranium and eucalyptus, to facilitate pressure point therapy in meridians related to sinus blockages. They are taught how to steam clogged sinuses with herbs, and to utilize botanical hydrotherapy for sinus relief.

Balance, focus and clarity

When I am working with a client, my attitude is one of service and unconditional love. I tap into healing energies by shifting my mind to a centering image similar to the experience of Therapeutic Touch practitioners who were studied by Dr. John Hoffman at the University of Colorado Medical School. I maintain clarity through meditation and pray that my skill and knowledge are used to their highest good.

One hour of Face Rejuvenation’s renewal and restoration leaves one feeling balanced, revitalized and ready to take on the world!

Face Rejuvenation enhances:

DEEP RELAXATION of the entire body. Soothing music, soft colors and guided imagery communicate that this is a time of restoration and renewal.

CLEANSING of the skin. The treatment begins with a gentle steaming of the face with herbal infusions and application of herbal cleanser.

NOURISHMENT of the skin at the cellular level. Use of the finest, aromatic, essential plant oils assists detoxification, oxygenation and hydration of the skin. The oils are quickly assimilated into the bloodstream.

CIRCULATION by enlivening nerve and muscle energy. Pressure point therapy improves lymph flow, bringing a glow to the surface of the skin.

REJUVENATION and uplift of facial muscles. The reconnection of nerve and muscle energy assists the musculature in retaining its perfect electromagnetic placement. Select aromatherapy oils further promote firming and toning.

EXFOLIATION AND UPLIFT of the skin. The application of an herbal facial masque exfoliates, rehydrates, oxygenates and tones.

HARMONIOUS approach to daily living. The energetically balanced body responds to stress and tension with a healthier, more positive plan of action.

Call today to rejuvenate your face, mind and spirit….